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Workshop Feedback, September 2018

“Workshops led by Ian are guaranteed to be insightful, innovative and inspirational. His flamboyant personality and exuberant, well-paced delivery ensure that every member of his audience will take something valuable

Book Review: Prince Cinders by Babette Cole

Synopsis: Poor, poor Prince Cinders! Not only is he spotty and skinny, but he’s also  forced to cook, clean, mop, sew and tidy up after his awful, hairy, horrible brothers. One

Book Reviews

Book Review: Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

Synopsis: Ruby loves being Ruby! She is an enthusiastic, happy child who loves swinging, play and exploring. However, one day she discovers a Worry. A yellow, menacing creature that just won’t

CPD Feedback, September 2018

Some lovely feedback from teachers and LSAs from some recent training on developing whole class reading and creating a community of passionate readers! There was lots of opportunity to explore

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