Themes to discuss:

  • Journeys
  • Homes
  • Family
  • Being lost

Companion books:

  • ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers
  • ‘Can I Join Your Club?’ by John Kelly and Steph Laberis

As Writers we will:

  • Write an information booklet about one of the animals in the story
  • Create a new scene for the story – which other animals could Mr Mole meet on his journey?
  • Act out the story, thinking of different voices for the different animals
  • Identify spellings with the suffixes ed (popped, spluttered, burrowed)

As Geographers we will:

  • Draw a map of all the places Mr Mole has visited

As Scientists we will:

  • Find out about the different animals in the story and their habitats
  • Use our different senses to identify materials and objects – what happens when we can’t see?
  • Sort and group the animals into mammals, reptiles, amphibians etc

As Mathematicians we will:

  • Count and record the different animals mentioned in the story – how many owls are there? How many more rabbits than owls are there?
  • Make worms out of plasticine – which ones are the longest? Shortest? Can we use a ruler to measure them to the nearest centimetre?
  • Identify the 2D shapes used to create the pictures e.g. triangles for the crocodiles’ teeth, circles for Mr mole’s glasses

As Readers we will consider:

  • The puns and humour e.g. ‘No Diving’, ‘Owliver Twist’
  • The repetition e.g. ‘Up he popped!’, ‘And off he burrowed’
  • How does Mr Mole feel when he finally returns home?
  • Do you think Mr Mole will lose his glasses again?
  • Who is the most unfriendly out of all the animals and why?

All the planning and ideas are included in a handy pdf document here:

mr mole im home pdf