DAY 4 Learning at Home with The Reading Realm: What is Pink?

DAY 4 Learning at Home with The Reading Realm: What is Pink?

By the fountain’s brink.
What is red? A poppy’s red
In its barley bed.
What is blue? The sky is blue
Where the clouds float through.
What is white? A swan is white
Sailing in the light.
What is yellow? Pears are yellow,
Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? The grass is green,
With small flowers between.
What is violet? Clouds are violet
In the summer twilight.
What is orange? Why, an orange,
Just an orange!

Thank you for joining us today in The Reading Realm Facebook Group! We enjoyed performing this poem with you and learning the signs for lots of different colours too! Thank you again to Neal Zetter, who let us read some of his colour-themed poems! You can read more here!

Below is a link for a menu of activities linked to this poem by Christina Rossetti – remember they are just some suggested ideas for you to choose! You might want to spend some time out in the garden spotting as many different colours as you can! There are also lots of activities and games in The Reading Realm iPad app which link to this poem.

You can download the Home Learning activity pack for What is Pink? here!

Learning at Home with The Reading Realm presents What is Pink

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