Book Review: The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford

Book Review: The 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford


Who wants to live forever?

Alfie is 1000 years old. He has seen Viking invasions, watched Shakespeare’s plays and experienced the horror of the Second World War. When a tragic fire occurs, Alfie must find a new way of living. With his new friends, Aidan and Roxy, he sets out on an epic, dangerous adventure to find a way to reverse the effect of the magical life-pearls, which have kept him 11 years old for 1000 years.


Growing up, passing of time, family, friendship, loss, history, love.

Why you should read it:

I adored this complex, thrilling adventure, which is sensitively told. Its an exciting, entirely original story that is sweepingly epic in scope. The plot is action-packed and fast paced and Alfie is an appealing, compelling character. His predicament is unusual, gripping and moving and certainly made me think about what it is that makes a fulfilling, worthwhile life. The story is often very funny, but is also tinged with a wry sadness, and beautifully realised characters.

Cross-curricular links:

History (the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings, WW2, Charles Dickens), English (diary writing, newspaper article about the fire, creating a new period in history for Alfie to explore) Art and photography (there’s some beautiful art to explore by Toni Luciano here. Can the children create their own in a similar style?) . You could also use the opening scenes from Disney-Pixar’s ‘Up’ to look at writing flashbacks, the passage of time and similar themes of loss and ageing.

Perfect for:  Children aged 9-11. Book notes available on Authorfy.

Published by: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Also by Ross Welford:


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But The 1000 Year Old Boy here!

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