Book Review: Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura

Book Review: Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura

stone age boySynopsis: A curious boy is out wandering in the woods one day, when he falls down, down, down. when he wakes up, he finds he is completely lost and has been transported back in time. He walks and walks and finally finds a strange girl, called Om. She welcomes him into her clan and teaches him how to hunt, make tools, use animal skins and prepare and cook food . One day, when exploring a dark cave, the two friends come face to face with a terrifying bear. Will they escape?

Themes: Time travel, archaeology, destiny, the Stone Age.

Why you should read it: An exciting adventure story set in the Stone Age. Full of gentle humour and delightful moments of surprise and discovery.

Cross-curricular links: History.

Perfect for: All age groups, but especially children aged 7-9. Book notes and planning available on The Literacy Shed Plus website.

Published by: Walker Books.

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